2 Year Old Skier – The Toddler Hits the Slopes

The day has finally come to test out our theory that 2 years old is old enough to start skiing. We decided to take Archer to Blue Mountain near Collingwood Ontario for his first time, which makes sense since he has a season pass.

Knowing that we wanted to keep it short we headed over around 4:30 for the start of night skiing, this gave us a less busy hill to start on. I decided that for this outing I wouldn’t bother with skis and Archer and I headed up the magic carpet with regular boots on my feet.

Archers second run gliding to and end.
Archers second run gliding to and end.

Having no idea what to expect from a toddler on his first ski day I have to say I was presently surprised. Archer was in good spirits and was just taking it all in, didn’t seem to bothered at all by the magic carpet lift and we got to the top without incident. At the top of the bunny hill I carried him over to the beginning of the hill fir his first run.

Kids a natural! Kidding, but he did manage to do the whole bunny hill without falling at the pace of me walking backwards controlling his speed. I was expecting a lot of panic, crossed tips and lack of control but was surprised when he kept his skis straight and glided down the whole hill. We’re off to a great start!

I carried him halfway back up the hill for another run then went inside for his first ever hot chocolate which he made pretty short work of (toddler tip – 3 ice cubes).

We hung out in the lodge while mommy took a few runs with some friends and enjoyed some play time before heading home. First attempt at toddler skiing is in the bag and it was a small win, looking forward to the next time.

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