Monthly Archives: December 2012

Being a Laid Back Dad and Staying Calm

Hello fellow Dad or soon to be Dad, an easy assumption or why else would you be here?

This is my place on the web to tell you exactly how to raise your kid(s) based on my fool proof approach to the perfect child while being a laid back dad.  If you believe that line I’m not sure you should be responsible for a little human life.  I am new at this fatherhood thing, every day or better said every minute is a learning experience.  I still have trouble grasping the fact that I am responsible for a child, a small person, a mini human being!

This website is intended to help soon to be or existing fathers cope with the day to day by sharing some of my stories, highlighting some mistakes and throwing in a review here and there of cool shit that Dads care about.

Thanks for stopping by to visit the Laid Back Dad and please keep coming back, I have a lot to share.