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Traveling without kids is tough

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the time to write on Laid Back Dad, a very long time! The reason I have time now is I happen to be on the road for work and have no obligations tonight, code for I’m old and sleeping on a Friday night is actually an appealing option. Having time to write is nice but it also means I’m away from home and family, which is tough.

It’s odd that when at home and “busy” it seems like there is never time to do enough with my wife/son/dog and once I’m away for 24 hours I miss them so quickly it’s nutty. Seeing people with their kids walking around, at restaurants, grocery shopping… makes me wonder why I don’t appreciate these moments as much when they’re happening…

Bubbles are fun!
Bubbles are fun!

I started writing this on Feb 6th and just saw it incomplete in the draft box now. It’s been an even longer time and the feelings I started getting down are still there. It’s a short one but it’s nice to get a post up, even if it’s not complete.

Be nice