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Philips Avent 3-in-1 Bottle Sterilizer Review

Do you really need a sterilizer, can’t you just boil bottles?  Yup, but it’s a pain in the ass! Just spend some money and buy a stand alone sterilizer, it’s worth it. To be honest we chose the Philips Avent 3-in-1 Sterilizer because it looked the least bulky for our limited amount of counter space and it turned out to be a great value.

Bottle Sterillizer
Bottle Sterilizer

With 2 separate compartments for the bottles and all the other bits pieces and parts we found this baby gadget to be a huge help, especially in the early days of bottle feeding when you need several a day.  We would was our bottles and dry them on the Boon Lawn and once we had a few piled up they would get thrown in the sterilizer for a set it and forget it sterilizing, so easy.  The white Boon Lawn and the Sterilizer look great together on the counter.

We chose to avoid the dishwasher type since I don’t trust all the chemicals from the soap would be removed and you’re at the mercy of your dish washing cycles.  We also stay clear from anything that goes in a microwave because I just don’t trust the “science oven”.  The Avent Sterilizer just sits there ready to do it’s job whenever we need it.

The only 2 flaws that we found was the Evenflo 8 oz bottles that we started using at around 12 months were a little too tall to stand up straight so we had to sterilize them on a bit of an angle.  Don’t lie them down or water will puddle.  The second issue we had was some slight warping of the base in the section that holds the bottles.  We did have a replacement warranty but it wasn’t bad enough to bother replacing it.

I highly recommend the Avent 3-in-1 Sterilizer to new or soon to be parents.

Primus Fire Hole 200 Camp Stove Review

We decided to spend a little bit extra on a quality camp store since it would be the primary piece of our kitchen for our 5 week Westfalia road trip.  Based on reviews and a solid reputation we chose the Primus Fire Hole 200 camp stove.

Primus Camp Stove - Westfalia Road Trip
Cooking Chile and Toast on the Primus Camp Stove

First impressions weren’t great since we had to return the first one due to a QC defect with welding of the grill.  More to come as we use this along the way.

Medela Calma Nipples with Glass Bottles – Yes it will work

Kind of an odd first post for Laid Back Dad but it was the first thing I thought about when I sat down to write.  We wanted to use as little plastic when it came to food storage for our son, we chose to use glass baby bottles with Medela Calma Nipples.

I have seen lot’s of comments on amazon and other places that say that the Medela Calma nipple leaks when used with glass baby bottles. Well I have months of experience with the combo and I can tell you without hesitation that they do work together without leaking. No special tricks or magic they simply just work together, with no need to over tighten.

Lifefactory baby bottle with medela calma

Bottles – we use mostly evenflo 4oz and 8oz bottles but also have a fancy Life Factory bottle that also works just fine. We are careful not to drop the bottles and so far have not broke one even though a few have fallen. A full one did land on the tile floor and broke the plastic lid but did not damage the bottle. Obviously you need to be a little more careful with glass but they’re not as fragile as one might think.

We use glass bottles since we don’t trust plastic for storing our food in so why would we choose to store breastmilk and formula in plastic bottles. Also heating something in plastic is a concern for us. I am not a scientist and I have no factual arguments against plastic but I do have a general concern since BPA filled plastic was “safe” 10 years ago and now it’s not. 10 years from now it will be another thing in plastic that is a concern and I will feel better knowing that our little one didn’t digest it, well from his bottles anyway. Please comment if you agree/disagree, I’m always interested in hearing opinions on these things.

Medela Calma with glass bottle

Nipples – With guidance by a certified lactation coach we chose to go with the Medela Calma nipples, one good thing about them is they use a standard bottle opening size and thread pattern so they will work with other manufacturers glass bottles. They are a little bit of extra effort to dissemble and put back together for each washing but you get used to it pretty quickly. We interchange the parts so there seems to be no need to keep pieces in specific sets.

Slow the flow. One nice thing about the Medela Calma nipples with glass bottles is it slows the flow of Breast Milk or Formula and the kidlet has to work at getting fed, kind like working the boob. My take is it reduces the chances of overeating like a faster flowing nipple. Like always, my opinion and it’s just an opinion.

So are we happy with this Medela Calma nipples with glass bottles combo, you bet! I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to figure out what to use in a sea of gimmicks and garbage. Screw fancy printing and cutesy crap, focus on function when feeding your child. The Medela Calma with glass bottles is a hit.