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Is 2 Years Old too Young to Ski?

In September when our 2 year old toddler Archer had just celebrated his second birthday we started discussing skiing as a family. With access to accommodations in the ski town of Collingwood, Ontario we decided that skiing might be a great family sport. The last time on skis for me was 21 years ago when I switched to snowboarding which then got replaced by snowmobiling. Connie enjoys skiing but has typically only gotten out a couple times a year.

We spent a couple of months debating and researching if two is old enough to strap on skis. I was on the pro side from the start but Connie had reservations. Long story short is we headed to the local ski store and got Archer fitted for his new sport with a pair of 70cm skis that are almost all binding. In the store he had a great time stomping around in the ski boots and was pretty intrigued when we clicked him into his new skis. Overall it was a very good shopping experience and Archer had fun.

2 year old tries on skis
2 year old Archer tries on skis

One thing that we both agreed on was not setting any expectations of progress for the first year and only focus on having fun. As most parents know if you make a rigid plan with a 2 year old they will most likely not play ball. With this in mind we agreed that Archer would set the pace and duration of the day with a goal of keeping skiing a positive experience. Let’s hope we can stick to it.

Toddlers ski equipment list:
Atomic Vantage Jr Skis – properly sized
Giro Launch Helmet
Smith Sidekick kids goggles
Warm jacket
Snow pants
Base Layer (pajamas)
Sweater for cold days
Hat for apres ski

The links above are the actual products we bought for our sons first ski season.  If you click and decide to purchase I will get a very small commission. Just so ya know.