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Westfalia Road Trip Day 23 San Luis Obispo CA – Los Osos CA

It’s with a heavy heart that our time in is coming to an end in San Luis Obispo, but we still had a few hours to enjoy it while Westy Werks put the final touches on our Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia.  We spent the day picking up a couple things at the shops on main street and had a great lunch in the park with Archer and Zucca.

Zucca at the park
Zucca at the park

We got the call from Westy Werks that our Westfalia was done and ready to roll. Words can’t describe the positive experience we had with this shop, not only do they know their Volkswagen’s they have perfected customer experience.  They picked me up downtown and brought me back to the shop to settle up and explain everything they did.  Although they were not cheap I felt comfortable for our upcoming trip across the desert knowing I had specialists working on our 23 year old Westy.  Money well spent.

Westy Werks Sign
Westy Werks Sign Says it All

One of the must stop destinations on our trip was Go Westy in Los Osos California. This is a parts supplier that I had purchased parts from before our trip and they’re the foremost supplier and manufacturer of specialty parts for Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalias in the world.  Unfortunately when we arrived they had just closed although we did manage to get a campground recommendation from an employee that was leaving the parking lot.

Although the last few nights in a hotel was a nice luxury we were looking forward to some more camping.  We headed to Montana de Oro State Park based on the recommendation, if you’re heading there it’s further down the road than you think it should be. This turned out to be a pretty plain and uneventful State Park and had a few sketchy campers there. Probably the most uneasy feeling place we have stayed so far, not bad enough to leave although I wouldn’t go again.

It was also nice to have a “home cooked” meal again on the Primus camp stove.  One more sleep by the ocean before we start heading across the desert.  Mixed Emotions!

Accommodation Cost:  Montana De Oro State Park in Los Osos $25.00.

Volkswagen Camper Sightings: Vanagons are everywhere!


Westfalia Road Trip Day 7 – Banff

A beautiful morning in Banff National Park with an early morning agenda, get a site at 2 Jack Lakeside Campground!
I woke up at 7am and cooked up a quick breakfast on the camp stove before hiking over to 2 Jack Campground with Archer in our Kelty back pack kid carrier thingy (which he loves).  For some reason I assumed they open at 8am but it seemed we were 30 minutes early and 3rd in line.  After the super nice park person showed up we scored the last available spot, sweet!  We hiked back and packed up for the move.
Moose in banff on road trip with baby
Saw these guys on our walk over to 2 Jack Lakeside
We unfortunately didn’t get an actual waterfront site but all spots in this small campground are very close to the lake, and its beautiful!  So happy we made the effort.
Once we were set up in our new spot (site 65 on this map) we took the opportunity to hike around the lake and take a quick swim (well I did).  The park information booth in town told us it was too cold to swim in this lake but lots of people had another opinion.  One local said it was much warmer this year.
2 Jack Campground dog swimming on leash
Zucca getting her feet wet near 2 Jack
We walked around the lake to the public beach where our Porty Zucca  made a new friend and burned off some pent up energy.  Can’t describe how beautiful this area is, hopefully these pictures do it some justice.
Banff mountains beautiful
A shot of the mountains from the Westy
We decided to take the camp chairs down to watch the children’s presentation about bears.  Archer at 11 months old didn’t seem overly interested but Connie and I sure learned a lot.  The kids in attendance asked some pretty funny question ie. “If I died on the side of the road would a bear eat me?”
I didn’t mention this before but at these campgrounds you pay an $8 fire fee and they supply you with unlimited firewood, unlimited!!!
Volkswagen Westfalia Fire Wood
No need to get the insides dirty. The Westfalia luggage rack to the rescue.
Fire out in bed by 9pm, oh how things change, haha.
Volkswagen Camper sightings: Zero
Accommodation cost: