“The Plan” – Across North America with a Baby and Dog in a Volkswagen Westfalia

So my wife and I made the decision to both take off time towards the end of her maternity leave to spend some bonding time with our 10 month old boy Archer and our furry child Zucca.
What did we decide was the best way to spend this time you ask?  Well driving around North America in a VW Vanagon Westfalia of course.  3 months before the set trip date we started an exhaustive search that quickly expanded out from Ontario to cover North America.  After a few missed opportunities we located one in Victoria BC that fit the bill and had it shipped to its new home by train.
Vanagon Westfalia Camper
Our new Westfalia arrived in Toronto 2 weeks before I was scheduled to leave. Not much time to get it safetied, emission tested and have the accessories we felt would be necessary for the trip.  More about them later.
Trying to get things sorted with work proved to be a little more time consuming than anticipated but with some late nights the van was ready for its maiden voyage with 0 days to spare.
The Plan:
Jason and Zucca the 3 year old Portuguese Water Dog would drive from Toronto to Calgary over 4 days and pick up Connie and Archer at the Calgary Airport.  From there there is a loose plan that involves Banff AB, Salmon Arm BC, Hope BC, Naniamo BC, Seattle WA, Portland OR, then over to the Oregon Coast and head south to Cali then a left up Route 66 towards home.  Simple plan with a 23 year old Van, an 11 month old and a dog right?  Well day one proved that this plan was meant to be broken.
Read on to see how it all plays out…Westfalia Trip Day 1 – Toronto to Blind River

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