Westfalia Road Trip Day 1 – Toronto to Blind River

After a full day of work it was finally time to start our 6 week family adventure. Since we had loaded the Vanagon a few days earlier it was just a case of a some last minute items and hit the road, sort of.

Just as I was about to pull out Connie announced she had lost her cell phone. After a 20 minute search and rescue Zucca and I were on the road…in traffic!

After a crappy bout of bumper to bumper, things finally cleared up past Barrie and I had clear sailing all the way to Parry Sound where I ran out of gas literally pulling into a gas station. Lesson 1 – a 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia that shows a half tank of gas might not really have that much. New rule, fill the Vanagon up once it shows half a tank.

Dog Travel
Zucca in the navigators seat

I found a tip on an RV forum that the information centre in Blind River was lenient towards over nighting in the parking lot. As I learned this is called boondocking in the RV world. Being my first boondocking experience it helped me feel safe since there was a police station next door. Up at 6am and on the road!

Road Trip Toronto to Blind River
The smoke stack in Sudbury polluting at night.

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